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The process is easy. Let's break it down:

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Dreams start with ideas...formalized and drawn into a plan. Our online design visualizer will help you get started.

From there, we'll line you up with our design team to fine-tune the details - things like price point, aesthetic preferences and materials.

There's no cost or obligation.

Investment: 1-3 in-person or virtual meetings


Now that we have the details and price point ironed out, our designers will put together a detailed blueprint, execution plan and cost proposal for your project.

We'll validate the plan, sign agreements, collect a 50% down payment and get you into our production schedule.

Investment: 1 in-person or virtual meeting


At this point we have a shared set of expectations, a timeline and all of the preliminary plans worked out. We'll help select your stone, template all pieces and cut each piece of countertop custom to your order.

Investment: 1 in-home template meeting, 1 stone selection meeting


In this final stage we'll work together to limit the impact on your day-to-day life during installation. And, of course, we'll ensure your home is treated with respect, kept clean and safe throughout the entire installation process.

Now, let's chat about your ideas, preferences, and how we can bring your vision to life. Your dream space is just a click away.

Investment: Varies by product, but expect 3-4 days for cabinet installation and 1-2 days for countertop installation.

Ready to start designing?

It's fast. It's free. It's ready to go.

When you've created a design you love, email it over and we'll get to work.