I Want New Countertops. Where do I start?

Are you looking to spice up your home? A countertop upgrade offers one of the best ROIs and quickest time to value. Now is the perfect time to tackle that countertop upgrade you’ve been eyeing.

“But where do I start?” 

We get that a lot. When you work with European Quarry Imports, you have a team of expert designers and installers guiding the entire process from end-to-end, working on your behalf to ensure the finished project exceeds your expectations.

Here are the eight simple steps we’ll work through to bring your project to life:

  1. Proactive Planning: A little foresight goes a long way. We’ll take the time to meet, listen and plan your project. We’ll help you navigate the logistics and potential scheduling hiccups. A little proactive planning ensures your project unfolds smoothly.
  2. Set Your Budget: Before we get too carried away, let’s hone in your budget. We’ll educate you on the realities of the investment required, and help you make informed decisions, which will prevent any surprises.
  3. Take Rough Measurements: We’ll help you get a sense of your space, and what’s possible, by taking some measurements before heading to our showroom. They'll give us a good idea of what we can do and which materials we’ll need, allowing us to provide an accurate quote.
  4. Plan Your Space: Thinking of switching things up? We’ll help make sure you have a clear vision of what you want for your new look. We’ll help you consider factors like plumbing, electrical setups, and traffic patterns in your home. Our expert team can offer guidance on what's feasible and help you navigate your options.
  5. Pick Your Slab: Here's where the fun begins! Explore our extensive range of countertop materials, including stunning natural stones like quartzite, granite and marble, as well as durable options like quartz. With a wide array of colors and finishes, you're sure to find the perfect match for your look.
  6. Schedule a Template Appointment: We'll schedule a template appointment to expertly map your space. This process ensures a precise fit for your new countertops. Clear off your countertops beforehand, and make sure the decision-maker is present during the appointment to finalize any last minute design details. What sets European Quarry Imports apart is that we fabricate all of our stone in-house. This is unheard of in today’s market.
  7. Clear the Way: All you need to worry about on installation day is making sure our team has clear pathways and entryways. We’ll take it from there!
  8. Sit Back and Relax: Leave the heavy lifting to us! Our team will swiftly install your new countertops, and before you know it, you'll be enjoying your revamped space. We'll walk you through the finished job and address any questions you may have.

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